Hard Heart – premiera audio

Nowy singiel Dody i Virgin już dostępny na YouTube. Enjoy!


Whoever saw them
Whoever knows
The ones whos heart of mine they stole

Where are my angels
For whome I
Walked through daily flames of holy FIRE

It burns me
It hurts me

We’re Out of order
Like puzzle’s SIN
We can’t create a medal’s WIN

With the sunset
And at dawn
Lasciviously I, watch you sleep

It burns me
It hurts me
Your touch

No more!
Im locking my heart
Like a safe, like a safe, its closing

Been through too much
I know too MUCH
Just Take her with you
And her TOUCH

This fucking love
Same old, same old
I know it by heart

All these KENS like a doll alalala
I know how it ENDS lalala…
They all love like a dollalala…
I know the end

Another beat la la la…
My heart PLAYS
So many Kens like a doll alalala
I’ll run AWAY la la la…


Słowa: Doda, Muzyka: Tomasz Lubert i Doda